[HAUL] 11.11 Aliexpress

Hi buddies!

Nene speaking! It’s been a while, isn’t it? I’ve been updating the blog with vlogs and makeup tutorials, but I was having my uni exams so I wasn’t able to write a post.. since now!

On 11.11 I bought a lot of different stuff from the popular site Aliexpress, and today I want to share with you my faves!

Let’s start!

winged horse enamel pin

If you know me well, you know I’m /obsessed/ with nice pins. I’m always looking for awesome design that are bargains with the price! This caught my attention for the cat, but I couldn’t say no to the winged horse! I got him in gold, and it shines so nice on my backpack! From the same shop I got other  5 pins (ex. an ufo, a cat doing the nyan pose, a plant.. and I already want more!), so you should really check it out!

false blouse collar

I wanted to buy two, but in the end I decided for one because I wanted to try it out. I never had a false collar in my life, and I wasn’t sure about how it would’ve looked like. Neither to say I was so happy I’m gonna buy more than two the next time! Nobody can tell it’s false, everyone thinks I’m wearing a full blouse under the sweater, and it gives me such a sophisticated look I love to wear it at university or while wandering around with friends! I’m so pleased with it!

pizza pillow

This was my own personal gift, I’ve had it on my wishlist for litterally more than one year but since it’s a bit expensive I never actually clicked the “buy” button. Then, this  November it was on sale and I’m so glad I took it because it’s now out of stock! (i’m actually really sad because I wanted to have at least two, to have some sort of “pattern” lolz now it just look like I have a whole pizza on my sofa… not that i’m complaining!!)
It’s really nice, the cloth is velvet-like and I can spend hours caressing it!

molang plush

The quality of this plush is astonishing, it’s so fluffy and soft, and it also smelled good! I’ve never expected such nice fabric and overall cuteness! It was a Christmas present for my friend Cyclove’s and I’m so glad she liked it very much! Molang found a new home with her!


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