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Hello everyone! It’-a-me-Nene!
How was your weekend? I hope you rested and are now ready for a new, exciting week!

I have a surprise for you, a new review, about korean beauty and cosmetics!
I ordered from RoseRoseShop, and here’s my thoughts!

Here’s what they say about themselves:
Our company is located in South Korea, and our company got renowned for cosmetics thanks to customers’ continued interest and patronage. We began with an eBay shop, “roseroseshop” “bringbringshop”. Thanks to our dear customers, we could open our own shop here, RoseRoseShop.com and RoseRoseWholesale.com. Everything was possible thanks to you, our patrons.


We ordered with some friends, so not everything pictured was bought by us! Anyway, I wanna talk to you about some of my favourite products from this haul!


[SKINFOOD] White Grape Fresh Light Pact – 12g No.13


This light powder is the item I wanted most from RRS! I saw Rox using it during a convention, and I’ve later discovered that she also uses it for everyday life, which is explained by the absolute awesomeness of this product. You are gonna use it everyday because you can’t do otherwise!
It comes in different shapes, I chose 13 (really light) because of cosplay purposes, but you should look for the one that suits you!
One of the things I love about this is that its perfume is absolutely unique and so so so good! It’s really called Skinfood for a reason hehehe- it’s so good you’ll want to taste it!
The puff is so soft and kind when touching skin, it caresses you with the powder, that, as the title says, contains green grape which makes your skin tone clean without any gloss.


[ETUDE HOUSE] My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Razor – 1pcs (Random Color)


I wasn’t planning on getting one, but lurking through the items from Etude House, I couldn’t resist it! I watched ton of eyebrows tutorials that used it, and now I fully understand why! It. Is. So. Useful.
Now I couldn’t live without it, my eyebrows look a thousand times better than before!
First of all, it’s really safe, even a beginner can use it, just gliding the razor softly downwards, and paying attention not to press.
Secondly, it look like a toucan!! Am I the only one that sees it? (hehe)
It’ll come in a random color, I wished it was the mint one, but I’m still happy with the pink one, it’s so girly and cute!


and a hella ton of face masks! I live for face masks ;____;
[ETUDE HOUSE] 0.2 Therapy Air Mask 
[A’PIEU] Milk One Pack
[Holika Holika] Pure Essence Mask Sheet
[TONYMOLY] I’m Real Mask Sheet

I wanted to try different brands, because they sell lots of different tastes, and in fact I got the Etude House in Lotus & Blueberry; the A’Pieu in White Milk and Coconut Milk; the Holika Holika in Avocado and Green Tea and lastly the Tonymoly in Red Wine and Seaweed!
You have to clean your face ad wash it before opening the mask, then apply it carefully and make sure it sticks on the skin. Relax and leave it be for 10-20 minutes (there’s written on the back how long, mostly are 10-20 but tonymoly’s are 20-30) and then remove it and wash your face again. Your skin is as soft as a baby’s, and it seems comletely renew!
What I really like about face mask is that there are a lot for a lot of different purposes. Some examples are Soothing, Purifying, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Firming or Skin Radiance… just choose the one you prefer!

01493c4b6cd112c93bccb96f535bc005That was all from me! I can’t wait to try all the face masks, and to plan other orders! Did you like this post about beauty and cosmetics? Do you wish to see more? Let me know in the comments section down below!



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