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last update 21/06/17
This theory talks about the fact that  the Ciel Phantomhive we all know about from the beginning of the serie is not the real Ciel.

WARNING: Contains spoilers from both the manga and the anime.

 I’ll start from this:


This picture comes from the artbook, from the section of the “Family Photos”. It’s clear that the missing part has to be someone with the same height as young-Ciel, and as such: another child, maybe a friend, but why would it be in the Family Photos section if he wasn’t part of the family, aka yours truly Ciel’s twin?
Now I’ll post all the proof, some more realistic and others a bit stretched but still relevant to the cause, that me and my friends Furry and Vitt, found.



Our!Ciel calls Lizzy “Elizabeth” and she reminds him of using her nickname- this surely isn’t the first time the two of them meets, but our!Ciel is not as confident and at ease with Lizzy as real!Ciel was, giving that she was real!Ciel’s fiancée. Therefore why he calls her “Elizabeth”.




chap 2

Normally, people don’t put their own names in quotation marks. Also, saying the ring is the proof, that he is the head of the household, but also saying he doesn’t care about it and throwing it away don’t fit and don’t make much sense.

Sebastian seems shocked as our!Ciel says the name.

Bonus: our!Ciel possibly alludes to real!Ciel’s death in these lines: “This ring has seen the demise of its master many times.” / “My grandfather’s, my father’s… and…” / “…Without fail, this ring will bear witness to my death as well.”


chap 2

And Sebastian is shown later, at the end of the chapter,  laughing at our!Ciel’s words.

1 (6)

chap 10

The nanny/midwife is holding a baby, but at the same time, Rachel Phantomhive is facing another. The first baby is passed to Ann (Madame Red), and she’s holding it while Rachel is still watching the second baby.

Bonus: In the speech “my beloved and my beloved big sister’s–” Madam Red is interrupted before she can say child or children.

Translation Bonus: Madam Red says the plural “my cute nephews which could not include Lizzy as she is a niece; this can only be about real!Ciel and our!Ciel.

The official and online version of this chapter do not translate this line correctly. I do not speak Japanese myself but akumadeenglish has graciously provided an explanation of the original Japanese line:

[see the relevant box highlighted in red]

“かわいい = cute
甥っ子 = nephew/nephews
達 = plural-suffix
かわいい甥っ子達 = my cute nephews”

Later on, Rachel says “It’s going to be our child’s/children’s 10th birthday soon!” and does not use a marker to specify singularity.

Translation note as courtesy of akumadeenglish, taken from here: “Rachel’s line goes “今度ウチの子が10歳の誕生日なの!” which literally (grammatically) translates to “It’s going to be our child’s/children’s 10th birthday soon!”. [The word used in the original is 子 which means child/children]”



chap 19

During one of the first flashback, the mister says “This is worth more than 2 people!” while paying for Ciel and his brother.

However, the most discussed and well detailed part of the manga that heavily implied the Twin/Double-Ciel Theory is actually found back in the Noah’s Ark Circus Arc.

That part is Baron Kelvin’s flashback, when he first met Vincent Phantomhive. Also, upon the release of the new manga-based anime Book of Circus, the scenes in Baron Kelvin’s flashback were pretty spot on to the manga.


chap 31

In the whole flashback, the reader can only see one Ciel per panel, and the brother is always hidden from view. Here we see Vincent Phantomhive with a child Ciel. Take note that the visible Ciel is holding his father’s left arm, but Vincent is seemingly holding and looking at someone at his right side, but this is obstructed from the reader’s view by a woman’s skirt.

Another indication that there is another child on the other side is found in the same scene in the anime. Notice in the first frame, the visible Ciel is in the left, while the one on the right side is hidden behind a woman’s skirt. In the next frame though, the child on the right appears, but the child on the left is now hidden behind a plant pot.



chap 31

In the next panel of the manga, Vincent turns around when he’s called. The visible Ciel in this page is the same one from the previous panel, because he is still clutching the left arm. The right side however is blocked by the hand, thus obscuring the brother on the right. Also note that the Ciel here is quite timid, as he is hiding behind his father. At this point we will address him as Shy!Ciel, and remember that he is always at his father’s LEFT SIDE.


chap 31

The first panel in the next page shows the visible Ciel is still the one in the left. He then introduces Ciel, but note that the hand atop his head is the RIGHT hand. So the cute and confident Ciel at the bottom of this page is the one that has been hidden from view in the previous pages. This also happens to be the REAL Ciel, because he introduces himself as such.

In the same scenario in the anime, we once again see a hand blocking Vincent’s right side, obscuring the other child, but when he shook hands, he uses his right hand. At the same time another Ciel can be seen by the right side of his father.



chap 32

Next, we see here the Shy!Ciel, while Real!Ciel is once again obstructed from view by their father. Here, Vincent never introduces the child on his left, only stating “My child” is shy and that his health is poor.


chap 32

In the next page, the visible Ciel here is seen running towards his uncle Klaus. A shy child with poor health could not possibly involve himself with something as strenuous as running. Also, the Ciel running came from Vincent’s right side, where the Real!Ciel was standing. Another indication that he is the Real!Ciel is the mere fact that Klaus identified him as ‘Ciel’.


chap 32

This next panel however became a source of confusion to many who are pro to the twin theory. The hand on the close-up visible Ciel is obviously the left, which meant that this is Shy!Ciel, but then Vincent also calls him “Ciel” and that he is the one recovering from a sickness. This could easily be sourced back from the translating from the original Japanese raw scans. In the Japanese raws, the line actually read “this child asked…”, but translators decided to put it as “Ciel asked…” because at the time this chapter was released the theory hasn’t come up yet. And in the same scene in Book of Circus anime, Vincent said “konoko”, which translates to “this child.”

Going back to the manga, Klaus also stated of the rare occasion that “both” of them are there. Initially, “both” could mean just Vincent and Ciel. But then “both” could actually mean Real!Ciel and Shy!Ciel, as the latter was said to not usually appear in public. Also, in the original Japanese translation, that like meant “all together”, but because it was originally assumed that it was only Vincent and Ciel back then, it seemed more appropriate to use “both of you” instead.

1 (1)

chap 32

This panel says “those three”, but it’s hard to believe, that the Baron meant Klaus. Also, Klaus is faded out and Vincent is looking and reaching his hand to his left side.


chap 32

This is where this picture comes from. It’s a first, raw differentiation between the two Ciel.


chap 32

Once again, the Ciel in the cage is different from the Ciel that got stabbed. It’s important to notice that the Ciel in the cage does not have his shirt scattered in blood, not now nor during the following flashbacks/memories in the manga. Neither does he have any scar on his chest.

Translation Bonus: In the Japanese version of the manga Joker actually says this: “The Earl along with his children were killed,” using the ‘tachi’ suffix is used to indicate plurality.


子 = child/children
達 = plural-suffix


chap 32

Here we can see from Ciel’s point of view, a boy similar to our Ciel being held down as our Ciel looks on through the bars of his cage.


chap 40

I’d like to point out his scene translates more correctly to a ‘younger brother’, not a ‘little brother’. Ciel’s reaction to this is kind of strange, almost reminiscent as if he understands what Arthur is talking about and it brings fond memories to mind.



chap 50

This is just a little treat, a game of words, if you may. This are two panels from different pages of chap 50. The first one is referring to the end of the Circus investigation: fake!Ciel is ordering Sebastian to never speak about what happened to all the members beside Snake.
Later in the chapter, the concept is repeated,, this time by Sebastian, and indeed it seems he’s referring to something else, like the fact that his Young Master is not Ciel Phantomhive, and that’s why Sebastian never calls Ciel by his first name, he does not even says “My Master Ciel” in front of others. He always refers to him as “Young Master/Bocchan/My Lord”

We also later noticed that neither Tanaka calls the Earl by his first name.
It is suggested that Tanaka is drawn in his “comical/chibi” version because of this- as if Toboso-sensei couldn’t let his face give us a proof. This is just an interpretation.



chap 51

It’s odd how much of the page this scene takes up, and it doesn’t seem to be hinting towards the events of the Campania arc because that has already been mentioned.

If real!Ciel was ever going to come back to life in some way or another, this would certainly be foreshadowing.


chap 54

(please notice the bangs of the two different Ciel)


chap 54

In chapter 54, we can see a boy who looks like our Ciel being pulled away. Next, our Ciel reaches out for demon Sebastian while the boy who looks like our Ciel is stabbed.


chap 54

“Ciel isn’t here anymore”, next to the real!Ciel, with his shirt scattered in blood.


chap 54

and at the end of the flashback fake!Ciel is trying to say his name, but gets interrupted by Elizabeth, and comes back to reality.


chap 56 + chap 57

During these chapters, there are two occasions in which Ciel tries to hide his asthma from Lizzy, and stops Sebastian from mentioning it.
We know for a fact that the whole family were aware of this, as they mention it in chap 99.5, or as we see in flashbacks like this:


chap 28

Following our theory, since Ciel is not who he says he is, he can’t admit to being ill. Only one of the Phantomhive children had been chronically sick which would make the wrong one suddenly developing it a bit suspicious.

Elizabeth aso knows real!Ciel was not sick when he was younger, he did not have asthma and he would often play with her. Hence a reason for fake!Ciel hiding his sickness from Lizzy.


chap 58

In this panel there’s a mysterious other person sitting across Lizzie in one of her flashbacks – obscured once again by a word bubble.

It was pointed out that these legs could be Edward’s, but they are too short for being the older, taller brother.


chap 58

Also, in her memories, she is glad that her fiancée Ciel has come back, but she finds him “thinnier and shorter” she thinks that she was the one who had grown taller, but it’s been only a month, so it would be quite impossible. This must be because Lizzy was engaged to real!Ciel. He was the one who used to spend so much time with her. Fake!Ciel didn’t go out often, so probably they didn’t know each other that well, if not at all.
This also explains the moment of exhitation before fake!Ciel returns the hug.

Translation Bonus:  the online manga translates fake!Ciel’s line incorrectly as “Lizzy” though it is translated correctly as “Elizabeth” in the official manga. 

Once again (just like in chap2) fake!Ciel was not confident with  the little girl, and calls her by her first name and not her nickname.



chap 62

During Sebastian cinematic memories, we get to know that Ciel hesitated before telling his name, as if he was choosing between his and Ciel’s.


chap 62

Further evidence that the Ciel we know may not be the real Ciel is found in this panel. We see Sebastian chuckling when ‘Ciel’ announces himself as the head of the Phantomhive Household, and when asked what was so funny, Sebastian merely replied that (fake!)Ciel was quite a liar.


chap 62

Also Fake/Shy!Ciel is the one that was always ill, so he didn’t go out very often.


chap 62

I would like to compare this interaction with some others:


chap 58


chap 62

He doesn’t seem to care that much that he’s seeing Lizzy and Ann, perhaps because although he knew them he was never that close. After all, these are the people that (intentionally or not) chose his brother over him.

Instead, he calls Tanaka “Grandpa” and run towards his hug, as if they were very close /maybe he was the one taking care of him when he was ill -serving him milk with honey.


chap 62

Just a little hint, but when Tanaka gives Sebastian the brooch that pins him as butler of the Phantomhive, Sebastian stresses the words “young master”, in both bold and italic, as if he knew that Ciel is not the real young master.



chap 62 vs chap 95

During a flashback in chap 62, Sebastian says “You have given a big sacrifice […] The price to cross the river has already been paid.”  and later in the manga, in chap 95, Ciel has a fever and is having nightmare (because of the curse) and real!Ciel (just look at the direction of their bangs, also he does not have the contract and once again, his shirt is covered in blood) comes to fake!Ciel (our Ciel) and says “The power you gained by sacrificing me.”


chap 62

This page is really clear: there are 4 crosses/headstones (even if in the last panel the fourth is covered by the bubble of Ciel speaking), because people thought that all the Phantomhive family died in the fire, so they made 4 graves: two for the parents, and two for the children.


chap 66

Lizzy & fake!Ciel don’t seem to share the same memories, as shown in the Easter special in chap 66: She asks him if he recognizes the pattern from an egg, and he hesitates, before replying that yes, of course he remembers.
At the end of the chapter, Lizzie reveals that it was the first time she made an Easter egg, and Ciel should’ve not recognized it.



chap 71

This is a little hint, but it’s strange that Maurice says this, as it seems so specific, out of place and Ciel’s reaction also seems kind of strange. He doesn’t say anything and avoids the question, as if he can understand the feeling of being the younger brother, the ill and shy one, that will never inherit a title.



chap 88

When Sieglinde asked Ciel’s name, Sebastian didn’t answer that question himself, but let Ciel answer it. Sebastian never say Ciel’s name out-loud.


chap 88

But when asked about Ciel’s age, Sebastian had no problem answering it instead of his master.


chap 90

Things that got lost in the English translation:

1. The two children use different “you”s when referring to each other [In Japanese, there are a lot of different ways to say “you” and each of them has different connotations]:

2. The yellow Ciel uses the phrase “~してあげる” when he says “I will protect you.”(「お前は僕が守ってあげる」). We use this phrase only to close friends or family members, i.e. to people we regard as equal or inferior

→ As you can see, a single, short sentence like ”I will protect you” ( 「お前は僕が守ってあげる」 ) can contain a lot of information about the speaker, in this case we get to know how the speaker regards the person he’s talking to. It’s quite obvious in the Japanese version that (if there are twins) the yellow Ciel is the older one =D

3. The “you” in “I still had you” is emphasized in the original text, since there’s a ‘dot’ next to the word 君(”you”) (see below). A ‘dot’ usually indicates a keyword or a special (hidden) meaning. So the correct translation of this sentence would be “I still had you” (I mean the translator could have put quotation marks or at least written in bold/italic type).


4. The translation “Don’t take me away!!” in the online scanlation is not accurate (and this phrase doesn’t really make sense anyway). It should be “Don’t take (him/that person) away!!” (「連れて行かないで!!」).
[as edited in the picture before] (@akumadeenglish)


chap 90 italian translation

In the Italian version the phrase “I still had you” has been translated with “Io… ho te.” which means “I… have you.” Notice the enphasis on the “You” in the Italian translation.

In the second page, the phrase “Don’t take me away!” has been translated with “Non portatelo via!” which means “Don’t take him away.”

Also please notice how real!Ciel had his mouth covered by the captors, so it is not him that in the last panel screams “Ciel!”, it is fake!Ciel, screaming his brother’s name.



chap 90 + 92

When Ciel was reduced to a frightened, traumatized version of himself due to the curse, he kept referring to himself in third person, as if he was talking about the dead Real!Ciels (+as well as other unusual dialogue where he is also referring to himself in third person).

I want to underline also that in other translations, it is more, “Ciel, I don’t want anymore pain!” Signifying that fake!Ciel has confused Finny, because of his smaller size, with the real!Ciel.


chap 95

While in his mind, freaking out because of the curse, we can clearly see that fake!Ciel knows that the real!Ciel was out of the cage.


chap 95

This can of course be confused with our Ciel’s fractured mind, but it becomes obvious that the real!Ciel is more than just a piece of our fake!Ciel’s mind. The real!Ciel says that fake!Ciel didn’t need to get revenge with the power he got from sacrificing the real!Ciel.


chap 95

Throughout all chapter 95 we can see the two Ciel as different person, and in the last pages we also see fake!Ciel passing though his brother and then his parents, in order to take the name of Ciel Phantomhive and his identity.

In this special chapter, Sebastian finds a recipe for a meal that was once cooked by Vincent and Ciel with the help of Diederich for a sick Rachel Phantomhive.


chap 68


chap 99.5

There is a part in this flashback wherein Ciel asks his father what a ‘fag’ is, in reference to Diedrich being Vincent’s fag when they were still in public school, and his father explains it to him. Then there’s no explanation why Ciel would ask again in chap 68, if not if the Ciel in the kitchen was the real!Ciel, and the fake!Ciel was just watching from outside the room.


chap 99.5

After explaining it to him that fags are sort of brothers, he tells Ciel that he will be able to have a fag one day when he enrolls at the public school. In a seemingly grim manner for his age, Ciel is quoted saying “I don’t need fake brothers.”


chap 99.5

More hints are revealed in the same chapter, including the two sets of plates, glasses and utensils in Ciel’s bedroom; and that most of the toys around the room are supposed to be played by two people (chessboard, playing cards, horse race), or there are two sets of the same toy (teddy bears, spinning tops).


chap 99.5

In the same sidestory, the real!Ciel cooks with Vincent then runs away to play, but then we see our fake!Ciel, who is sick, clearly not the same person.


chap 99.5

…and then two pages after that, Ciel is quoted saying “I’d be great if we could all have fun in the boat tomorrow”. Followed by the flashback ending, and the current Ciel, who had been telling Sebastion about the memory, saying that the boat ride never happen because his fever returned the next day.

Remember, the Ciel helping in the kitchen did not appear to have a fever at all, and if he did, he shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen in the first place. This means that the Ciel in the kitchen is actually the real!Ciel, while the Ciel that was coughing in one page was the fake!Ciel, who was mentioned before to be very sickly.


chap 99.5

But this poses a question: If the sick shy!Ciel, who happens to be the present Ciel, was not allowed in the kitchen, then why was he able to recall and even tell Sebastian about that time? The most possible answer could be that sick!Ciel was viewing and listening nearby, probably by the door or sitting by a corner. He couldn’t go in and help out, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t present. He may just be, once again, hidden from view, like during Baron Kelvin’s flashback. This is justified by this panel after the flashback, as the current Ciel (shy!Ciel) mentioned that he only remembers it because it was the only time he saw one of his parents cooking.


chap 99.5

More on this interesting special chapter: (by @her-majestys-watchdog on tumblr)



chap 101

Fake!Ciel remembers Diederich because of this conversation he and his father had. Notice how he is not the usual Ciel, as it is really calm, shy, and never smiles.
Of course, in these pages, Diederich calls him “Phantomhive boy!”, not allowing us to know fake!Ciel real name.



chap 103

During some Shinigami investigations, we see a glimpse of Phantomhive’s genealogical tree. Some of you made me notice that the end of the tree (after Vincent and Rachel) seems to split in two, and it is cut at a convenient angle.



chap 105

In this panels, the words “Earl of Phantomhive” are in quotes, and is Ciel himself who says “Does he mean.. me? Or…” and the chapter ends without letting us know which was the other side of the choice.

chap 107.5

“But I do hope that you’ll follow the fate of my sons through to the end.”

[*Note: the picture above is not the original page from YP/scans, but I edited (corrected) it because their translation of this line was inaccurate.]

And here’s the original Japanese text in case you need further proof:

chap 107.5 raw


(“Please watch over the fate of my sons.”)

1 (5)

chap 108

During this scene Undertaker wakes up the real!Ciel, the Earl, and says “It’s still too early for you to wake up”. In the next page, fake/shy!Ciel is waken up by Sebastian, and we are drawn to think that Ciel was having a nightmare, but in fact the bedrooms of the two Ciels are entirely different, from the headboard of the bed to the number of the windows.

We noticed that fake!Ciel wakes up and, drawn scared, does not have the contract on his right eye. But we think this is only Toboso’s drawing style, as in some other pages she did the same “mistake” too. Here, in chap 14, once again Ciel is waken up and reacts badly. I’ve zoomed in the panel for you to see that Toboso-sensei did not draw the contract in here either.

1 (2)

chap 14

During the special chapter for Black Butler tenth anniversary, our characters celebrates Halloween by mixing different kind of its tradition.


chap 120

Ciel sees some kids doing “Trick or treat” as the american tradition, and they reminds him of real!Ciel, Lizzie and his parents. In this memory, fake!Ciel is remembering from his point of view, and says “wait” because he was the twin always left behind as he was ill/couldn’t left the house. Ciel snaps out of the memory only when interrupted by Sebastian.

The Japanese Halloween tradition “tourou nagashi” consists in litting up lanterns and let them flow into a river to celebrate the ancestors. Fake!Ciel sees a reflection of his old self in the river, and this cause a stream of memories in his mind.


chap 120

1 (4)

chap 120

It’s just at the start of those memories, in the upper right corner of the page, that we see, once again, a clean (fake!)Ciel inside the cage, meaning once again he was not the one sacrificed on the altar.



chap 113 + chap  115

While Ciel is investigating and falls asleep, we see Elizabeth with real!Ciel, that is later referred on as “Master Sirius” by Bravat and Violet. Violet has the same blood type as him, and he’s giving his blood for the recovery of the true Earl. That’s why he suffers from anemia moving on with the story.

People said that Elizabeth is talking to the one and only Ciel, but he fell asleep in a room with no windows at all, and the amount of time is very short since Sebastian talks with inspector Abberline and then greats his master. If they moved the chair to let Lizzie visit his boyfriend, then why removing the eye-patch and the shoes? They must be two different people, two different Ciel.


chap 60 and chap 105

speculation: Another interpretation is that this Ciel could be Vincent. You suggested that Undertaker is the mastermind behind all this. It would make sense as we saw him feeding this body in chapter 108, and would also explain his experiments on reviving the dead.
Maybe he was really caught up with Vincent and his friends, with the whole story of the “evil nobleman”. Please remember that Undertaker is a Shinigami, which we don’t know the extend of powers yet. Could he possibly be able to take one’s soul (Vincent) and preserve it in another body (real!Ciel)? Gloria R. also wrote me: “Part of me also wonders if Undertaker had something to do with Ciel meeting Sebastian. Like he needed a guardian for his container to keep him safe til he figure out how to bring the dead back.”
This could be possible as we know that Undertaker is not only taking care of that body, but also he shed tear while thinking of Vincent’s death.
+ Undertaker does not work as a shinigami anymore, instead, he is wanted, and is called “the seceders/deserter” in two occasions. Is this because he parted from the Grim Reapers or because he separeted a soul from his body?
++ he was the head master of Weston College, so he was likely in contact with the P4, and could’ve contact them to start the Music Hall/transfusions operation


chap 117

It is Elizabeth herself that says “I cannot return to that side!” meaning fake!Ciel.


chap 125

And finally, in chap 125, fake!Ciel and Sebastian find Violet, sick after a major blood  withdrawal. Violet gain consciousness, and is scared to look towards Ciel. He says “Ah… you’re…” and will probably end the phrase with “master Sirius” but is interrupted by Sebastian’s question.

In the recent chapters, Agni is litting up the fireplace,


chap 124

and he discovers a family photo that fake!Ciel has previously thrown away, probably because it was showing the whole family, with both the twins. We also think that the photographer was talking about the real!Ciel when he mentions his vitality and the fact he had to do many retakes.

m021 (1)

chap 126

Agni is definitely worried about this photo, and he says “there are pictures here as well”, but soon discovers that is one picture, just with two Ciel.


chap 126

Now onto the real deal: Soma greets someone with joy and happiness, the way he acts around everybody, yes, but he is this happy just after the talk with Agni about how much he cares about Ciel as a friends and wants to help him understand he has a lot of people around him that care for him.

Why does this guest might be real!Ciel? Because Soma says he’s “acting weird”, and just after that he checks if the guest has a fever. This kind of behaviour has been shown by Soma only towards Ciel, when, at the end of the Circus’ arc, fake!Ciel comes home with a fever. Also: we know that fake!Ciel is the one that has a poor health.

1 (3)

chap 29

And here are some fresh theories just for you:


chap 123

If Master Sirius is real!Ciel, aka he should be behind the door with 1 star (the one that never speaks), who are the other three? Who is Four-Star, the one who calls himself “a butler”?



chap 127

Soma gets shot by the person he greeted, and as seen in this panel he is deeply shocked by it, and asks “why?!”, as it’s a friend who shot him, as it was (real!)Ciel. Agni, who discovered the truth, is ready to defend his master at all costs..



chap 128

As we theorists expected, Soma’s reaction is both angry and scared.
The detail of Ciel’s reflection is Soma Agni can be both to underline his fear or to accentuate the fact that it was the same person to Soma (aka a look-a-like, read: a twin). Real!Ciel killed Agni and Soma saw it with his own eyes.


chap 128

In Ciel’s bedroom (while all the other rooms are left untouched), the misterious people carved on the wall “Who stole the candy from my tummy?”
This can of course be a mention to the fact that fake!Ciel, by stealing his brother’s identity, took away his food. It’s pretty funny that this phrase is written next to a mirror, so fake!Ciel can see the answer in the reflection.
A further theory could be that real!Ciel was stabbed in the tummy while he was sacrificed during the twins’ confinement, but the more convincing one to me was this theory by her-majestys-watchdog:
[In her description, YM is fake!Ciel and LC is real!Ciel]


Meaning the “candy” they refers to is the Phantomhive ring- This makes sense, also it explains why is it candy, singular an not “candies” as in “sweet foods”.
Sebastian’s words are from his cinematic record from chapter 10. Most scan left the chinese raws, but you can see the kanji from “finger” there, referring to the ring “指”. (Thanks to Vitt for this detail).


chap 128

The last few pages before the end of the chapter speaks for themselves. Fake!Ciel finds the picture Agni was holding, realizes it’s his family photo, and asks Sebastian if he’s lying. The butler answer that he does not tell lies.

Also taking in this interpretation from akumadeenglish



chap 129 GFantasy Cover

Taking in this analysis by @thedarkestcrow on tumblr:
“The person shown on the cover is clearly our fake!Ciel because of the visible contract mark in his right eye. He’s wearing blue clothes that make him seem like royalty (royal blue, the ermine fur coat,…). Ciel is often depicted as a king and there’s often the metaphor of a game of chess where Ciel is the king, as well. As the Earl of Phantomhive, as the Watchdog and with Sebastian’s power he is indeed quite powerful so the image of a king fits him well.

However, in this picture it’s not our Ciel who’s wearing the crown fitting to his outfit. The crown is placed on a skull which rests in Ciel’s arms. Since the skull seems to be quite small I think it could be the skull of a child and if the 2CT is really true I guess it’s most likely that this skull represents the twin. The white lily growing out of its right eye socket mirrors our Ciel’s contract mark which makes his resemblance to our Ciel more obvious, indicating that it’s the twin indeed. So the crown resting on the skull’s head instead of our Ciel’s could symbolize that – as the 2CT suggests – the twin was the real Ciel and our Ciel really stole his twin’s identity and therefore the title as Earl, Watchdog and maybe through the twin’s sacrifice even Sebastian’s powers.

By nicolean: the flower growing out of the skull’s eye is also a calla lily that symbolizes rebirth dand purity. Broken calla lilies symbolize someone who died before their time- yet this calla lily isn’t broken at all, rather, it’s growing out of the skull, is it hinting at the fact he was “given new life”.

Another interesting detail in that cover image is the knife that our Ciel is holding in his other hand. It looks very similar to the one the cultists used to stab (probably) the twin:”





chap 129

A very strange line indeed. Fake!Ciel asks Sullivan to not open the door even if the one knocking is himself, meaning he already knows what happened had something to do with his twin brother.


chap 129

This confirmed out theory: fake!Ciel is the one who was alway ill.
The previous pages confirms also that Elizabeth find out, since Paula was with her the whole time. Read more about Elizabeth conflict here.


chap 129

Comparison: Our!Ciel wears heels, while real!Ciel doesn’t. In her latest tweet, Toboso declares that the two Ciels are the same height. So I’m finding really interesting this explanation by @the-previousearl-reborn on tumblr:

In Victorian England, wearing gloves while entertaining was considered a sign that one has something to hide, which Our!Ciel does. Our!Ciel also wears heels to make himself appear higher and more like an adult, whereas Real!Ciel doesn’t feel the need because he is the rightful heir and believes himself to be more mature. He also wears no top hat, which is a symbol of wealth and respectability. He already feels he is owed respect.

Everything is like a sarcastic stab at Our!Ciel, fabricated to have people look at Real!Ciel and believe he is a softer, more trustworthy person than his twin when he is actually much more menacing.


Screenshot (34)

chap 129


chap 129

Fun fact: This is the gemini month !!!!!!! Σ(゚Д゚)


Congrats on 2CT being finally, eventually confirmed after 10 years and 9 months.

Now I can die in peace _(:3」∠)_


some family resemblance..


from “With Father”

“With Father!” was a special chapter from Kuroshitsuji Anthology Comic “Nijishitsuji 2″ you can read it here; and Vincent states that fake!Ciel looks more like Rachel (while real!Ciel seems to look more like him)


just a look-a-like outfit: chap 129 vs anime s2


That sly mastermind that is Yana Toboso, on July 5, 2014, wrote this:
(translation made by @akumadeenglish)

[… ] I didn’t want the readers to pore over the hints too much and then get disappointed in the end like “Huh? What’s with all this foreshadowing?”.
That’s why I planned to give [little] hints which readers don’t notice at first and therefore can be left unanswered, but at the same time those hints are supposed to make the readers go “Wow!”, once their meanings are revealed later in the story.

I didn’t want the readers to worry too much about it, that’s why the hints are supposed to make people think “Huh? That was a bit weird… but who cares!” and continue reading. Those hints [regarding the main plot] don’t affect the ending of each arc, anyway.

So… you don’t have to think about it too much… but if you are concerned, of course you can think about it as intensely as you want (lol)
Just enjoy the story in the way you feel comfortable with.
The meanings of all the hints are going to be revealed some day, anyway.



What do you think about this?
If you have any clues, please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to add them to this masterpost! You can contact me on Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram !

And last but not least… what do you think is fake!Ciel real name?

62 thoughts on “CANON! The Two-Ciel Theory Masterpost – Kuroshitsuji

  1. Veena says:

    I think Sebastian knows something and wouldn’t say… also bravat is a bit suspicious Wat if he killed
    agin also lizzy wore black gloves it could have been her well we are still not sure.

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    • eireenene says:

      I think too that Sebastian knows something!
      Maybe Bravat is the one that stabbed Agni, but I don’t think that Soma opened the door to him, his reaction wat too spontaneously happy :/


  2. Layla says:

    I’ve been following the twin ciel theory and i see something missing here! in chapter 103 when the shinigami checks the family tree, the line coming down from Vincent Phantomhive splits in two


  3. Wilderness Willow says:

    OMG this is really mind blowing. Ans definitely Sebastian, Undertaker, Tanaka these three people know everything that is happening and if all this is true than lizzy knows too. OMG this is chilling.


  4. Ema says:

    I’ve been following this theory for a while now, but chapter 128 confirmed it all (at least for me)
    you should check it out as soon as possible TAT

    also a friend told me Toboso-sensei said she’s gonna reaveal sth about the resemblance of Sebastian and Vincent soon makes me all the more excited


    • eireenene says:

      I was away from home and I kinda teared up while reading it! But I finally updated the post with chap128 + I added some translations notes from the previous chapters (mostly about using the plurals while talking about Phantomhive’s children). I hope you enjoy!

      Ooooh that sounds awesome too! I can’t wait to find out more *A*


  5. mon says:

    Thank you for sharing your analysis. Been a silent reader & waiting for your update regarding the ch 128 😝 I feel like we’re now in the main plot & am so excited for it.
    Btw, I love your writing, please keep updating this page❤


    • eireenene says:

      Thank you so much mon! Your words inspire me to do better and better! I also feel like that Toboso-sensei is going to reveal the truth soon, that’s why I wrote the masterpost in the first place! The 2CT was wandering around since 2014 i guess (at least that’s the first time I encountered it) but everyone was just expressing their opinion on certain chapters, mostly before the events of the Green Witch, while on that arc there’s a whole chapter with the two Ciels (even if it’s inside fake!Ciel mind!).

      I can’t wait for every update, and will always look out for more evidences, until… the lies becomes truth!


      • Mon says:

        sorry for the late reply, I just had the time to see this page again after a heap of works.
        I swear I feel stupid for not pointing out the clues myself, but indeed when I this this whole (ex-)theory I was like “this is the answer to the odds I’ve felt for years”.

        and the real Ciel legit shows up at the manor like the real boss! can’t wait to read the latest chap very soon.

        by the way, abt your last question, I actually only think abt ‘Cyril’ as the real name of our Ciel, just my guess tho. HBU?


      • eireenene says:

        take your time, it’s always a pleasure to reply to your comments!
        Aaa I’ve known a lot of people who said the exact same thing! And Yana wrote it too: “the hints are supposed to make people think “Huh? That was a bit weird… but who cares!” and continue reading.” and i believe it was like this for so many of us!

        I’m waiting for this chapter, and for all the one that will follow, in utter excitement!

        Cyril sounds awesome!! MMm I’ve read some other names, mostly linked to the star (Sirius, Aeres) but I like some that will state his social state, so maybe in french? I’m keeping in mind Azure or Etoile, but of course we’ll have to wait to know!


  6. giulliausuallywrites says:

    Omg I loved your analysis of this! I’ve heard of this theory long ago but just now I’ve encountered this proof masterpost!!! I LOVED IT! I want to know Fake!Ciel’s real name now!! Oh my, and last episode killed me, so I was directed to this blog. HOPEFULLY next month we’ll be having some new evidence on this, my my I want more juicy drama and proof for this theory!! Bye and keep doing a great job!


    • eireenene says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve also followed this theory for quite a while but I never saw a masterpost, so I decided to make one myself! Now that I did, Toboso-sensei seems to have realized that the 2CT community has coming stronger, and is therefore approaching the truth? I can’t wait to see the next chapter and the one after that and so on!! Thank you for the compliments and keep sharing the theory with your friends!


  7. Dayan says:

    after reading all this, i think the theory that Undertaker is trying to bring Vincent back in Real!Ciel’s body is very plausible. I still think the twin’s theory has a few plot holes. like , how no one ever mentions a twin, how no one notices fake!Ciel’s asthma, how having only one twin back, why’d no one thought to check if it was the right one. and finally, why would fake!Ciel take is brother identity when he would be the phantomhive rightfull heir anyway… it just doesn’t make any sense.


    • eireenene says:

      that’s the most plausible answer to the story. As for the other things you questioned, some are answered in the masterpost, and for the others, these are only my speculations and opinion: fake!Ciel asthma is visible only in situation while it is ok for him to cough and/or there’s no one from his “previous life” there. Elizabeth is the only one that should have noticed that and for instance, I believe she knows, that’s why she went to Sirius and she later escaped Phantomhive manor. In my opinion, she noticed all the little details that Ciel was not the real one, and went to Sirius/Undertaker/whoever is in charge and tried to revive real!Ciel body (as we see, her taking care of a Ciel body that to me, is the real one).
      Why did no one check if it was the right one? That’s tricky, I admit so, butin fact we know that the only one to have a real relationship with fake!Ciel was Tanaka, that was relieved to see him. It is possible that he is keeping the secret for multiple reason, such as: letting him get his revenge? protecting him? serving his orders? who knows. For the other people, as Madame Red- Lizzie, they probably were concerned about how the horrible experience affected Ciel and his personality? While Undertaker knew the truth. Probably Madame Red would’ve discovered sooner or later, but unfortunately she passed away.
      Why would he take his brother identity? Confirmation? There are some real issues going on between brothers, and with twins is even worst. There’s a sorta competition always going on, and you know, knowing you’re the ill-shy-secondchoice one is not the best… even if he came out alive and said “I’m back I’m XXX and I’m now heir to the Phantomhive name!” I guess people would’ve thought “oh he’s not the one” and? not making business with him? not caring? Again, there are so many choices, and this are just my humble opinions. Please feel free to share yours! I will add this questions to the masterpost, thank you!


  8. Noxie says:

    I love your analysis.
    Only one thing is bothering me: Why would Real!Ciel want to hurt Fake!Ciel?
    We see real!Ciel being sacrificed and cut open, considering fake!Ciel took a ring from his stomach, there is very little to no possibility that the real!Ciel was alive at that time. His soul that was sacrificed by those kidnappers, so what would be real!Ciels motive to overthrow his brother? Considering they played a lot as children, they didn’t get that time where for some reason they would fall apart.
    Undertaker is working on bringing the dead back,however we see that the revived dead ones have quite little to none conscience what is happening around them. So what would be the purpose to bring real!Ciel back if the fake!Ciel has quite succeeded as an heir. Might be just my opinion: but if one has managed to achieve everything he has, why would you want to bring the “real” heir back. It’s not like fake!Ciel isn’t Phantomhives child, so he should have the same rights to the ‘throne’. So who would have a motive, actually benefit, from the real!Ciel return and being the heir?
    There are quite a lot of people being involved/sacrificed for that purpose. I know that Phantomhives were referred as ‘special’ in terms of beauty, but what if (very small ‘if’) there is something else (like some power) that comes with the Phanomhives name and which only the first-born inherit? I mean Vincent himself was quite close with Undertaker and probably was also aware of the grim-reapers, and didn’t the german GR mentioned that “People who are close to death can easily see us since we are the death itself”; and then the female GR mentiones “maybe because it’s because of lineage”. And there we can read only Vincents and Claudia names (for Claudia we know that even the Undertaker had her piece of hair and initials). Which would mean Phantomhives could hold a certain power over the death or something similar.
    After all, don’t you found it quite weird that Viencent is “Phantomhive” when we can clearly see that Claudia is “Phanomhive” while his father has a different surname/last name?
    He should have got his fathers last name, not his mothers…

    Increase in fake!Ciel health isn’t that surprising, considering that our immunity gets stronger as we grow older. It could have lessen his sickness with age, and therefor only in certain moments he coughs.
    I must point out that it’s quite sad the fact the moment he returned people pointed at him as ‘Ciel’, as if everyone was hoping he will survive, regardless of the other twin. I assume the wish for the real!Ciel to return has also stopped Madame Red from checking further, and as we mentioned Lizzie had little/no relationship with the other twin.

    This are only few things I would love to point out/discuss.
    Looking forward to your answer! =)

    Ta-ta for now,

    (P.S. fake!Ciel name would be some fancy French name for some fancy colour, or maybe Azur because that sounds evil enough? ;P)

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    • eireenene says:

      My opinion on this is pretty obvious; fake!Ciel stole not only real!Ciel identity, but everything that was around that: his fiancée, his mansion, his friends&family. We don’t know why, but imho while they were in the cage it was not fun n games anymore, and some rough edges developed between them.
      Undertaker was a close friend of Vincent, my guess is that he wants to bring back the “true heir” as the one he knew. Your questions are all very interesting, but everything will depends on how Yana decides to sort this out: the unknown past of the two twins, as well as the one of the Phantomhive name and all his alliances… Haven’t anybody asked how the Queen got in touch with them in the first place? There are a lot of things left unspoken and unanswered, that’s why every chapter counts! If the Phantomhive have powers, and that would be a big bIG plot-twist becase that means that real!Ciel would have some kind of ability that makes his stronger/better than fake!CIel.

      Sorry for the late reply, exams are killing me! And thanks for the compliments and your time spent analizing this theory! We all can’t wait for the next chapter, as if for now this are all speculations!

      Azur is a hella cool name and I totally approve that! 😉


    • Hiccup says:

      Actually, there’s a very good reason for why Vincent got his mother’s surname. In the Sphere Music Hall arc, when Ciel (well, fake!Ciel) is talking to Nina Hopkins about her tailor shop having served the Queen’s Watchdogs for generations, there’s a panel showing some of the previous holders of the position. Vincent is facing the ‘camera,’ but behind him is a woman turned slightly away, presumably his mother, Claudia. Since the position as Watchdog obviously goes along with the earldom of Phantomhive, we can only assume that Claudia, too, held the title. As per the rules of English aristocracy, the Countess (there is no feminine form of “earl”) would pass her title and name on to her first born son, Vincent, thus superseding the tradition of giving children their father’s surname.

      Does that help?


  9. Terra Claiborne says:

    The twin Ciel theory has been confirmed Canon as of last night.

    Check out the spoilers that have been leaked for chapter 129. They’ve been running very hot on Tumblr ever since they were leaked.

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      • Rin says:

        I wanna say thank you, for being the source of hope in this ex-theory. It was a joyful ride. Let us bask in the sacred dance of victory. *does dance*

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  10. Ricky Otaku says:

    I recently heard about the Ciel Twins Theory and I must say that it make so much sense, why I didn’t think about it sooner?

    But there’s two things that I’m not sure to understand. Why fake!Ciel doesn’t have the contract in his eye in chapters 14 ans 108? And why Agni reacted like this just because he saw a pucture with two Ciels?


    • eireenene says:

      That was exacly Toboso-sensei plan, to leave hints so hidden that people wouldn’t give much attention to them, and they at the revel, the truth would’ve struck them as it happened! I’m so happpy for her, she was able to convey the story up to this point!

      As stated, fake!Ciel in those panels does not have the contract because of the shock. It’s a tecnique often used in manga: drawing the character with its eyes so open wide they don’t have a sclera/iris nor any eye feature.

      While Agni reaction was quite understandable, just imagine knowing somebody for quite a long time, having lived with it, and discovering he had a twin brother you knew nothing about. Agni maybe did not faced the implications of this on the moment, but as soon as he went to Soma and found him with somebody (real!Ciel)… well we can say he was pretty smart, I’m sure he did his connections, and it ended like we know.


  11. veena says:

    I have a clue sort of about the other Ciel it seems in noble families there is always a child raised with theirs to serve as a double for the child… Wat if he was just a double that would explain the chapter where the other Ciel said he didn’t want fake brothers don’t you think so?


    • eireenene says:

      It’s an awesome theory, but it would not explain why Rachel/Vincent use the plural (son/s) while talking about their children, since the day they were born. Usually the double child is chosen much later, because they need to find someone with a resemblance, and they can’t do that from the day one is born. Therefore I don’t think it could be a double, it has to be an actual twin. Does this make sense to you?


  12. nikolean says:

    This probably doesn’t give much help but the flower growing out of the skull’s eye is also a calla lily that symbolizes rebirth dand purity. Broken calla lilies symbolize someone who died before their time- yet this calla lily isn’t broken at all, rather, it’s growing out of the skull, is it hinting at the fact he was “given new life”?


      • Lan says:

        It’s an Easter lily, actually. From : “The bulb of these flowers buried in the ground represents the tomb of Jesus and the glorious white trumpet-like fragrant flowers which grow from the bulbs symbolize His life after death. The snowy white color stands for the purity of the Divine Savior and the joy of the resurrection while the trumpet shape signifies Gabriel’s trumpet call to rebirth and new life.” Still goes with the idea of resurrection, basically.


  13. Kazugami Saichi Hakuraichi says:

    Oh my…
    It was really quite a shock to me. I never paid any attention to forum like this. So it’s no surprise that I didn’t hear about Twin Theory. But I once hear about this theory when Undertaker give Real!Ciel a drink? Yeah maybe around that time. I don’t know. But I think I kind of know there’s this speculation. But, I didn’t paid any attention to that because I just felt, “No way”. Like there’s no proof to that. But when I read this. I have been give a shock therapy. I can’t read japanese and I followed this manga from the anime first. So I didn’t read the manga at first. But when the anime ended in alternative ending and I kind of disappointed with the ending, I want to read the original story. And I followed it until now. Never miss a chapter every month.
    But I feel that odd sensation once in Baron’s act. It was at the time when it’s clearly “Ciel” is being stabbed and there’s still “Ciel” in the bar and afterward he’s doing a contract with Sebastian. I am thinking like, “Huh? Is Ciel supposed to die? But why is he still alive? Or maybe it was another child?” So on, but I just kind of left it at the back of mind. Like Yana Toboso wanted. I just keep going and didn’t think about that. I just think maybe that was some sort of a mistake.
    But really, after reading this I was kinda really shocked. Like REALLY shocked. Yana Toboso is really the best. I don’t think there’s ever a mangaka who can put hints like that and make a plot twist like that. I think I have fallen in love with this manga and mangaka more.
    I’m sorry I’m just writing about my feeling in here. It just that the shock I received, I need to tell someone or anyone to know this. 😀
    Thank you so much about this post. Great job!


  14. Girrrrrl says:

    I’m so confused. Twin Phantomhives has been definitively confirmed, Agni found the burnt photo after all. However, our!Ciel’s question to Sebastian upon finding the carved note from real!Ciel, about whether Sebastian had lied to him, and the answer to that question (that he doesn’t lie) has me concerned. Was that question in reference to whether Sebastian had really eaten real!Ciel’s soul? It seems like it would be a pertinent one, especially after the “vision” our!Ciel had on the cusp of also being eaten by Sebastian in Germany, where he arguably encountered his twin. Is real!Ciel truly in Sebastian’s stomach? Sebastian’s answer seems to indicate that he is, causing further dismay and confusion for our!Ciel. And me. So here’s the speculation:

    Undertaker. He’s been experimenting with bringing the dead back to life by implanting the memory records of one person into corpses. It ended badly, as we know. Why was he doing it, though? He weeps over a photograph of Ciel’s father, and hints that the Earl is still “with us”. Our!Ciel also wondered with trepidation about who he could mean by that. We also catch a glimpse of someone who is quite likely a shorter-haired Undertaker wailing over the body of someone who arguably looks like Ciel’s father during the revelation of the true nature of the Reapers at the end of the Germany arc, hinting that the death of that person was the reason Undertaker defected. Could this all be hinting that real!Ciel is not entirely who he seems to be, but perhaps the ultimate goal of Undertaker’s experiments? Did he perfect implanting the memory record of Vincent Phantomhive into his elder son’s soulless body through the use of blood transfusion? Whose picture was in the string of lockets our!Ciel snatched from him during the zombie arc? Was it real!Ciel’s, or Vincent’s? Since Vincent’s body was effectively cremated, and our!Ciel’s is still occupied by his soul, real!Ciel’s empty body, if it could have been rescued from the fire Sebastian set and healed from the stab wound during the summoning, would be the perfect vessel if Undertaker had Vincent’s memories. The questions being, is that Undertaker’s goal? Is blood transfusion really the key to avoiding the zombie result? And perhaps most importantly, is the memory record really the soul? Is Vincent truly, consciously, in his eldest son’s body? There may very well be side effects we have yet to comprehend, including the speed and strength it would take to overwhelm Agni on his own.

    That’s why our!Ciel, not to mention Sebastian, are so stupefied by real!Ciel’s appearance- this should not be possible. Real!Ciel was eaten. Undertaker’s obsession is Vincent. Who better to host his soul than the empty body of his own child, who looks very much like him, has his DNA, maybe even his rare blood type. One thing is for sure- whoever is in that boy’s body is not happy.


    • Nando says:

      “We also catch a glimpse of someone who is quite likely a shorter-haired Undertaker wailing over the body of someone who arguably looks like Ciel’s father during the revelation of the true nature of the Reapers at the end of the Germany arc, hinting that the death of that person was the reason Undertaker defected.”

      That was actually Eric and Alan, original characters from the second musical. This was basically a shoutout/reference by Yana, or perhaps indication that the musical was canon, but it wasn’t undertaker or vincent in that scene.


  15. machiyaa says:

    Hi! I would like to add more evidence (it’s still kinda vague) but also seems likely.
    I just found it on tumblr and someone mentioned on ch.19 page 5 there’s probability that real ciel & our ciel was together when the assassination on phantomhive manor happened.. so both of them happened to met tanaka (and heard that our!ciel often calling tanaka “jiiya” rather than his name) so it was real ciel who calling him and he also fell together when tanaka got stabbed. meanwhile our!ciel who were almost see the culprit got his eyes covered.
    Tho this is still interpretation because in campania arc flashback and bonus chapter, ciel always called tanaka with gramps, which is also proven more that tanaka may knew our!ciel is not the real!ciel when he first time see him survived and came to the hospital.
    here some evidences:
    original post were from here:


  16. Maku Razon says:

    I am thinking that if Undertaker is close to Vincent, and he has the pendant with the name of Claudia Phantomhive, then Undertaker can probably in relationship or probably is in love or has a connection to the Phantomhives. I am also thinking that he might be Vincent’s father and fake!Ciel and real!Ciel’s grandfather. That’s probably why he wants to at least do something about the death of the Phantomhives.


  17. Maku Razon says:

    Also in chapter 108 … It seems like Undertaker is telling the real!Ciel not to wake up just yet because it is still too early for him and let him had some kind of potion to take. Probably to let real!Ciel to sleep again? Undertaker did probably planned everything all along just to revive the real ciel. and now He is readying him up.

    Undertaker did say “it is still too early to wake up” to the real!Ciel… maybe it is because he is not ready yet to stand and that’s why in the next few chapters, they had the Music Hall part wherein they are taking some blood for “Master Sirius” to take, because dead doesn’t have enough blood, right?

    Hmmm.. I might be wrong but it is probably just me..


  18. Jill Bill says:

    I used to hate this theory, but after seeing the evidence, thinking about how Yana waited nearly ELEVEN YEARS to reveal a plot twist, how everything just makes so much sense, makes me love it.


  19. anne says:

    What if Undertaker is taking care of the Phantomhive’s because they are his descendants?? Like, he fell in love with Claudia and after her death took care of their children and their descendat..?


  20. Melody says:

    OMG! I never followed the 2ct theories since I always thought they were kind of silly, but now that I’ve read this my mind has been blown. Throughout the series, there have been times where I was confused about things, but this perfectly explains them! And congrats!! Chapter 230 actually confirms the theory where they say that Rachel had twins!! 🙂 I’m still wondering one the other ‘Stars’ are and what Undertaker has to do with all of this, but I can’t wait to find out!


  21. the_real_earl says:

    Hi! It’s so amazing you’ve written those hints altogether in one post, lots of work! As I was reading this, GFantasy cover reminded me of one of Yana’s artworks (the “chapter cover” for chapter 13), in which fakeCiel holds a skull with a veil on it (you can easily find it by keying in “ciel phantomhive skull” in Google Images). But it probably resembles Madam Red, if anyone… What do you think? I don’t know, too many theories of everything! Maybe using the symbol of a skull that many times was just to bring fakeCiel’s guilt out, like he has to face the past and live on with everything he did. Just some various thoughts I wanted to share. Thanks for updating the theory post and keep up with doing the good work. Regards xx


  22. Hiccup says:

    I’ve been an avid fan of this theory ever since I noticed something… /off/… in several chapters of the manga, and took to the internet to see if anyone else felt the same. As I snooped around, I stumbled across site after obscure site with references to the “Two Ciel Theory,” and I became absolutely hooked. There was so much evidence, yet most ignored it: everything was ripe for a brilliant, blindsiding plot twist. And then Chapter 129 appeared. The confirmation of everything I believed. More theories are constantly creeping through the shadows of my mind, regarding Undertaker’s connection to the Phantomhives, the inhabitants of the other three rooms, and more, but I’m honestly still completely high from the big reveal. And your page explains everything perfectly! Excellent work! I especially love your inclusion of the fact that Sebastian never actually says his young master’s name, because, of course, he is bound to never tell a lie… (I’M STILL FANGIRLING OVER THE INTRICACIES OF ALL THIS BLOODY FORESHADOWING)

    As for fake!Ciel’s name, I do actually have a theory. I know people are saying it might be some sort of color, or a fancy name befitting his social class, but I think it might be a lot simpler than that… Yet so beautifully diabolic.
    “Ciel” is French for sky, a word often associated with freedom and heaven– which is rather ironic, given our protagonist’s hellish situation. Let’s assume that the Phantomhive parents would continue the trend, and give their second son a French name as well. Since the boys are twins, it would make sense to give them “equal and opposite” names, a sort of yin and yang principle. So, what then is the opposite of the sky? The earth, which (as per Greek myth) brings to mind the Underworld. And, in a sweetly torturous twist of linguistic coincidence, the French word for “earth” is…

    *bows and runs away giggling madly*


    • Thunder says:

      I really like your idea about the names… unfortunately the correct translation for earth in French would be terre… We say “le ciel et la terre” when we talk about the sky and the earth. Sol literally means floor which wouldn’t be a very “noble” name ^^’ And I’d be surprised they’d call him terre… But looking into things more carefully, it turns out there is a restaurant called “Ciel et Sol” in Japan XD So it’s very possible he’s called Sol in the end (translation inaccuracy but this time in the other direction). It could also be something related to the stars or the space.

      Otherwise I must admit I really missed most of the clues <..<


  23. nazilan says:

    Now I’m curious about young master aka our!ciel real name…

    And if Lizzy got engage to Real!Ciel then… Its official that Sebastian will end up with our!Ciel :’) -Canon seba-shy-ciel? ❤

    But isnt it strange that WE always though that Ciel is Ciel. If our!Ciel is not ciel then what should we called ciel name is his name is different? -I mean ciel name is already engraved in Kuroshitsuji fandom as the Lead with sebastian. *ugh… so confusing

    -please ignore my broken engrishu :3


  24. Joan_of_theblueARC says:

    something is really bothering me here lol…. Seeing that it is said that Sebastian may have eaten real!Ciel’s soul… the question is why ? What was the purpose of eating his soul ? And whats more confusing is that if the theory of the undertaker probably reviving Vincent Phantomhive. what was the earl’s motive to hurt his son ? And why did he refer to himself as THE ” Ciel Phantomhive” ?

    I am also confused to the skill of the person who’d kill Agni … The only people may have accompany the real!Ciel’s to London might have been the undertaker and Blavat Sky … it would’nt be the undertaker since a cinematic record could’ve shown through and blavat sky seemed to have no abilities that can compare to agni’s strength … which means whoever in the real!Ciel’s body is skillful enough to muder agni … the real!Ciel didnt have enough skill nor learned enough to have murdered anyone powerful as agni which means …. the theory of Vincent Phantomhive soul in the real!Cie’s body is too strong of a point to ignore ! Vincent Phantomhive has been in the business of killing a lot of people. I woulnt be suprised if he held his son’s body and have that ability. But the question of ” why would he want to hurt Ciel ?” arises too quickly … I really hope Yana explains this cuz im confused af after reading all of this.

    PS. Ive realized that the undertaker is always referring to the real!Ciel as ” Earl ” rather than ” the true heir of the phantomhive ” as if the current one is still alive … idk 🙂 just a thought


    • Veena says:

      I pretty much figured undertaker was behind the whole thing but still it’s shocking to find out I was right about it ..I feel they are related what if undertaker is like a grandfather or something?


  25. Beldarius says:

    What if they’re both named Ciel? …There was an African guy once named Milton, and all of his siblings were also named Milton… XD (Besides, the two Ciels could have different middle names to tell them apart.) Other than that, I could see fake!Ciel being named something unoriginal like Azul or Saphir.

    Also, given what vibes I get from real! Ciel, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually a born psychopath and killed his parents.


  26. Veena says:

    It doesn’t look like r ciel’s intentions are pure and our field is in shock still something is still missing I can’t put my finger on it
    Oh I so love stories like this


  27. softysenpai says:

    I can’t believe Ciel has a twin, and the one we know took his identity. o_o That’s…a lot to take in.

    I’m thinking, maybe (fake)Ciel’s real name was Astre. I mean, that was the original name Yana-San chose for him. But if I were to choose, I’d give him the name Clause (it fits because both their names start with a ‘c’, and it sounds British…I think).


  28. Mika Franolich says:

    What I really want to know is- why is real Ciel back NOW? Why didn’t he come back earlier? Did Sebastian lie about eating his soul, or is he some kind of doll or demon?


  29. LmaoKillMe says:

    what if he lied about naming Sebastian after his dog and Sebastian was really his brother’s name (or his name, before stealing Ciel’s identity)
    nah i’m kidding, but that would be interesting lol.


    • eireenene says:

      that’s a nice idea! but i don’t think yana would make the mistake of having two major characters with the same name, also nobody from “before” gets surprised about hearing Sebastian’s name, so I don’t think there’s any major link if not for the dog’s name,


  30. Arthur says:

    I don’t know if this has been said already, but I’ll say it nonetheless: OCiel’s name is definitely “Astre” (the French version of Aster, which in turn means “eight pointed star”. Just look at the panel where Sebastian has his fortune told and is described as a darkness that will engulf OCiel’s light. This is depicted as a giant Sebastian with an EIGHT POINTED STAR in his hand, ready to swallow it up. Also, Astre would fit into the whole French, non-traditional, astronomy based naming.


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