[REVIEW] – PunkyPins

Hello my beauties!
How are y’all doing? It’s been a while since my last review from PunkyPins, but I said I would’ve buy from them again, and here I am!
Did you read my previous review about them yet? It was for a mistery box!


Here I am again, this time with an order I made with some savings I had! I bought six pins and a sticker from PunkyPins website, during some sales, and a special promotion which said that after 10£ you’ll receive a free pin!
I actually thought it said “every 10£” so i made sure of spending 20, but I received only one free pin, meaning it was just one for the promo! ;;

The package came in just eight days, one of the quickest I’ve ever received! It is true that they ship from England, and I live in Italy, so pay attention to shipping times everytime you buy online!
Inside the package, there were the receipt, with the list of items I’ve bought; and three little presents: one grey with the Crystal Cluster Enamel Pin, the other one grey with the Pizza Die Cut Vinyl Sticker and the last, purple with white dots package had all the other pins!


I tought the sticker was bigger, but in fact is almost as big as two pins combined. I bought it on sale, so I don’t regret it, but I would think twice before buying stickers from PunkyPins. They definitely have the best pins and i think also patches (even if I never bought a patch from them,, maybe in the next order?), but the stickers are quite plain and actually little for the price you pay them. Just my honest opinion.

Anyway, the other pins I bought are, in order as they are shown in the pic:
Pastel Planet Enamel Pin
Crystal Terrarium Enamel Pin
Spell Book Enamel Pin
Crystal Ball Enamel Pin
Fortune Ball Enamel Pin


As I was telling you, I received the Eggo Enamel Pin as a gift! It’s inspired by the popular tv-serie Stranger Things, and I’m really happy that they chose to send me this!


This is my pin collelction so far! Can you spot all the ones from PunkyPins?
(the others are all from AliExpress, TaoBao, WallMart or independent designers, mostly bought from Etsy.)


from my instagram @eireenene


from my instagram @eireenene

Hope you enjoyed my collection!








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