[EVENT] – Hanami Event 🌸 by Diamant Rose Italy

Hello cuties!
Here I am once again to talk with you about an event held by Diamant Rose Italy!


If you wanna know more about them, head over to this link, where I talk about them and also the prior event, which was KiraKira!

The Lucky Bags from that event were handed out during Hanami, and in February they also gave us special BINGO card, to win a trip to Japan! Read more to find out who snatched it c:

My style was really simple but comfy! I hoped for a warmer weather, but it rained in the morning, so I don’t have any pic of the full outfit ;; Still, I received a lot of compliments about it and I was so happy! I’m not really confident about myself, so it was an achievement for me ;A;
Fun fact: the wig I’m wearing is the wig I used for my Anakin costest from Star Wars! Did you recognize it?

As usual, Diamant Rose events are in wonderful places! You can see more of it on @jaykks or @diamantroseitaly Instagram, she filmed the location right before the opening!

Shown in the pic (sorry if its blurry, my camera quality it’s what it is) there are some set-ups and shirts from LizLisa! This is a brand we already met during other events, but on this special occasions, there were some news!


This particular event was firstly full of discounts! Almost all the past collections had great deals within them, and also some great new arrivals!
But that’s not all!
Some brand new brands (lolz) were introduced during this event !! We had Ank Rouge, Swankiss  and Honey Cinnamon, and they were all utterly amazing, I had to try something on!


That’s a quick selfie with a black lace top from Swankiss, and  the beautiful embroidered jacket from onespo in white! The quality in every item is so amazing I was blown away by the little details of the whole!

After the shopping, the staff brought us some chocolate cake with strawberries and raspberries, and some carrots muffins! It. Was. So. Good. Don’t tell anyone but at every Diamant Rose event I’ve taken part into I’ve eaten something shO goOd so you should really take part in the next one even if only for the food! x°°

After our little cake-break, it was finally time for BINGO! This time the prize was huge, a trip to Japan! It’s truly a dream coming true! The lucky winner was @iaim92! Giada was so happy about it, and I was glad for her too! Her outfit was so spot on, and we actually talked while waiting for the changing rooms and she was so fun and kind ;;
I hope she has lot of fun in Japan!

Here’s Giada! Super-duper happy for her, can’t wait to see all the pics and  meet her at the next event to ask her how it went!

During this event, Tessa showed to us all the OTSU OTSU DANCE! This will be really important during the Nakayoshi Event in Paris, because the ones who can dance it better will win 7 Lucky Bags! That’s a huge deal! So please practise a lot in order to dance with us all and bring home some awesome clothes!

This time I really was sure I took lot of selfies and guess what? Seems like I did not! But at least the few I had are very cute! From left to right, we have @setsuna_cos , @achicoxion , @momochii_ , @tessa_crownster , @nanalilymoon , @annnaci_cosfashion
 I actually really enjoy this social event because they give you the chance to meet so many interesting people, and make new friendships!
And they are all so cUTE!!! I feel so grateful for having the possibility to be with these people!
See some more selfies here and here !

Don’t forget that the next event from DRI will be held on June in Paris, in collaboration with Diamant Rose France! It’s called Nayakoshi, because it’s for making new friends!

You can find the tickets here !


17858491_275062939613452_1492580556_o Nakayoshi Event will see all the QUARTZ team there, which means I’ll attend too! On the first day I will wear an outfit from OneSpo and on Sunday a cosplay! Stay tuned on my social media to find out more!

It’s been a pleasure, I can’t wait to tell you more about Nakayoshi!



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