[REVIEW] – Prema-Ja fanbooks


Guess who just made true a really big dream of theirs? Its me!
I’ve watched Prema-ja‘s art for yEARS and I love every piece they made about one of my absolute biggest obsessions, Les Misérables!
[I’m almost certain that Prema-Ja is a she, but since I can’t read Thailandese and I don’t know her gender, I will use they/them pronouns in this article]

They also post from other fandoms, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and Yuri On Ice, but I’m the most grateful and excited when they post something about the Barricade Boys! ♥(ლ︶︶ლ❀)

As I was saying, I achieved one goal I had for a really long time and I finally buyed some of their art! I was so excited about this, and it took only a week to reach my place!


I ordered two zines from them, The Modern AU and INK. ((I actually hoped to see 1832 on selling too, but I guess they are re-printing it ;___; I’ll buy it another time!))

The order and payment was made through mail and paypal, and the shipping -as I said- was incredibly fast! From Thailand all the way here to Italy it only took a week!
The package had a “Please Do Not Bend” note, which was very thoughtful since it contained books, and we definitely do not want them to come in bended!
The two zines were each in a plastic bag, and wrapped together in bubble-plastic-sheet!


Here’s what they look like on the front and on the back!
The Modern AU is the colored one, while INK is in black/white.
They both feature all the major characters from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, especially my all-time faves Enjolras and Grantaire c:


My reactions right from my Instagram (@eireenene, just like any other social media)
I litterally screamed, and then cried. And I had to put the book aside because I was worried of wetting it with my tears.
I’m really emotional for Les Amis of l’ABC, and I’m reALLY in love with this art!


I adore each and every piece of these zines, too bad they did not have a lot of pages, because i want moAR!

My husband. The keeper of my heart. A ray of sunshine.

If you wanna see more, head over to Prema-ja and contact them to buy a zine!

I’m gonna leave you aaaaall the social media where you can find Prema-Ja, because they deserves it, their art is gorgeous!


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