[REVIEW] MOO – Business Cards

Hello there peeps! It’s been a while, isn’t it?
Life has just been so hectic with me moving to Milan and starting university and having a job and trying to keep everything together,,,,
One essential part of this new life-style was changing my cos-cards! I’ve been using MOO since 2015, but I’ve ran out of my previous design (and also it was kinda updated, lol) so here’s a little review on the new one I ordered!


The package arrived in Italy in two weeks, which is nice considering the making and the shipping- it was a bit slower because lately there has been a lot of strikes in the mail services here in Italy,,!
The package was in plastic, which would’ve protect it from rain, and it had a bubble wrap inside, just in case of rough handling.


On the inside there weren’t any order-summery, but they put all the business cards into a black card holder. It’s super beautiful and I’m using it with joy!


Their usual light blue card has a compliment on the front (I have more from old orders that says thing like “I love your hair” and “You have really nice shoes” and I believe “Thanks for being lovely” it’s the cutest of them all!) and on the back it has all the specifics of the business card you ordered. Size, paper, corners etc.


A super nice thing that was in the card-holder are these dividers! On one side there’s a Mine/Them separators, on the others a SFW/NSFW one, which I believe it’s super cool!
Catalogating your business cards right can save lives (lol)


The paper reads a lot of different stuff about Moo, I’ll write them down for you:
“Your MOO business cards are hand-packed to make sure they arrive in top condition. We made them from paper sourced from sustainable forests and packaged them in a 100% recycled (and recyclable) pulp box. But enough about Moo – what are you up to? Let us know – Greetings for meetings”

Isn’t it super cool? They care about the customers as much as they care for nature, and I honestly believe it’s a super cool thing!

On the other side it reads “Ready, set, network – your Business Cards are here!” and the specifics of my order: “50x Cards + Holder”

A nice trope is the little writing: “Moo is a Registrated Trademark. Thank you legal folk.”


Here are the cards! I chose four different pictures from this 2017, from different photographers, to display the range of different cosplays and atmosphere this art can achieve! Also I printed two cosplays and two crossplay 😉

Credits are, from top left:
Yukio Okumura – Kika Photography
Howl Pendragon – StephanyGin
Elizabeth Comstock – Rifeels
Link – StephanyGin
dark!Zelda – StephanyGin

There it was folks! Just a little review to keep this blog alive! Will try to update with differents things in the future!


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