[REVIEW] MOO – Business Cards

Hello there peeps! It’s been a while, isn’t it?
Life has just been so hectic with me moving to Milan and starting university and having a job and trying to keep everything together,,,,
One essential part of this new life-style was changing my cos-cards! I’ve been using MOO since 2015, but I’ve ran out of my previous design (and also it was kinda updated, lol) so here’s a little review on the new one I ordered!


The package arrived in Italy in two weeks, which is nice considering the making and the shipping- it was a bit slower because lately there has been a lot of strikes in the mail services here in Italy,,!
The package was in plastic, which would’ve protect it from rain, and it had a bubble wrap inside, just in case of rough handling.

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[CON] Winter Novegro -4/5 February

Hi lovelies!
Do you remember last years’ Winter Novegro? This time we attended the con again! It’s so much easier now that I, Nene, have moved to Milan, and it’s always so much fun because of all the friends that attends it and because of purikuras!!!


I wore Yukio Okumura from Ao No Exorcist on Saturday,
and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite on Sunday!

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[TUTORIAL] Gravity Falls Journal #3

Hello! This isn’t really a tutorial, is more a wip-alike, and I haven’t yet finished the pages, but if you enjoy this I might do a second part with more pages!

DISCLAIMER:Β I started this journalΒ before the official #3 Journal by Alex was on sell, (and I have yet to receive mine) also, i’m Italian, so bear with my english mistakes and watch out: the text are all from the show/my immagination/fan theories. Nothing official, but a piece of art that will give your cosplay the perfect final touch!

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Hi cuties!

This review comes a week late because I’m reALLY busy with my final exams! I finished the writing ones but I still have to do the oral, which in my case shouldn’t be a problem, but since it’s the last time I’ll see my professors and then I’ll be off for uni and adult life/???/ idk I feel the pressure and I wanna do great and ofc with Steam Sales I’m not.
I’ll be better, I promise (yeah nene hahahha)

Here I am with another review for Klenspop! This time they’ve sent me a beautiful pair of green lenses! It’s the first time I receive green coloured lenses from them, and I’m very excited to try them on!


They safely arrived in nearly three weeks and were in a plastic bag, so water won’t bother them! (It rained a LOT lately in Italy, sometimes it doesn’t even seems summertime!)

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