[EVENT] – Hanami Event 🌸 by Diamant Rose Italy

Hello cuties!
Here I am once again to talk with you about an event held by Diamant Rose Italy!


If you wanna know more about them, head over to this link, where I talk about them and also the prior event, which was KiraKira!

The Lucky Bags from that event were handed out during Hanami, and in February they also gave us special BINGO card, to win a trip to Japan! Read more to find out who snatched it c:

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[EVENT] – Nakayoshi Event by Diamant Rose Italy

Hello cuties! Do you remember my latest post about Diamant Rose?
I have some exciting news for you all!

Me, Itsuki-chan Cosplay , Tessa Trickster and KiaraBerry Cosplay are gonna take part in the Nakayoshi Event in Paris the 3 and 4 of July! ❤
We have been chosen as QU▲RTZ, Cosplayer Unit of Diamant Rose italy! I’m so excited to be there, we’re gonna help choose the Cosplayer Unit for the French Division!
You should not miss it, there are 10 lucky bags of japanese brands to win playing BINGO, and also a ticket to Japan!! ❤
For all the info:

[EVENT] – キラキラFebruary Event by Diamant Rose Italy

Hello there! Nene speaking! (❁´ω`❁)
Yesterday me ‘n Rox took part for the first time in a special event,
“Kira Kira” event by Diamant Rose Italy!


Diamant Rose is a company based in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch in Paris, France. Since 2013 it offers to spread the gyaru culture in Europe through its online shop and events (like this one). From September 2014 Diamant Rose has combined with MELM Agency, a fashion and entertainment agency that scouts models and actresses to work between Japan and Europe. Since 2015 it also has a branch in Milan, Italy – exactly where I went to assist the event! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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