[TUTORIAL] Gravity Falls Journal #3

Hello! This isn’t really a tutorial, is more a wip-alike, and I haven’t yet finished the pages, but if you enjoy this I might do a second part with more pages!

DISCLAIMER: I started this journal before the official #3 Journal by Alex was on sell, (and I have yet to receive mine) also, i’m Italian, so bear with my english mistakes and watch out: the text are all from the show/my immagination/fan theories. Nothing official, but a piece of art that will give your cosplay the perfect final touch!

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[TUTORIAL] Flower crown

Since I’d like to do a fantasy inspired set soon, I thought that I’d need a new flower crown.
Actually I’m a flower crown faggot: I love all of them and I couldn’t get enough of them.
But of course, not always your trusted shop has the crown you’re looking for.

So, I decided to do it on my own~ It’s very easy and it doesn’t take much time!


  • Braided hairband (like this)
  • Flowers of your choice with leaves, the more the better
  • Hot glue gun


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[TUTORIAL] Black Art – Tracer’s gun

Christmas is passed and someone very special made me an amazing gift and now I’m here with an XL sheet of  Black Art (also known as Black Worbla), what a disgrace! (lol ,nope)
[If you live in Italy you can buy yours at La Gazzetta del Cosplay]

Anyway, since I’m planning a level up in my cosplay, I decided to start working with these kind of material to have a more durable result.
This year I’ll do Tracer from Overwatch (I’m in love ♥) so I’ll show you some progress of my cosplay to show you how to work with this kind of material and to give you an inspiration (or at least I hope so) for your works!

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[TUTORIAL] Alice Madness Return’s – Vorpal Blade Tutorial

I’m gonna attempt something different, I usually post reviews (that’s what I made the blog for in the first place) but with Ireth we’re trying to create something bigger and better, so we want to talk about conventions and cosplay-world, and posting tutorials to help y’all!

Material used:

  • white foam, 2mm
  • worbla’s finest art
  • champagne corks
  • acrilic woodglue
  • relief paint
  • gold, silver, black and brown acrilic colors
  • brushes 

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[TUTORIAL] Psycho Pass Dominator – cosplay prop with LEDs

I just love the series of Psycho Pass and I liked the idea of the Dominator with lights ~
I’ve found a way to do it easily so I decided to share it with everyone!

TIME : 10 h 30′ +  drying time

MONEY: 1.5/5


  • The pattern made by Laitz
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard
  • Super glue or hot glue, or both or anything that can glue things together
  • 3V battery
  • 5 blue LED diodes
  • Some little electric cables
  • Interrupter
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic paint (black and brown)
  • Silver sharpie
  • Pencil
Let’s get started!

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