[HAUL] Flying Tiger- A bunch of Eyes and school stuff.

YO! It’s Cyclove.
It’s been a while isn’t it?
Dealing with irl stuff is always SO tiresome for me, I’m really sorry about that ;;

Since I was bored yesterday, I decided that was a GREAT idea
to go to the nearest Tiger shop and spend all of my money there!

Thanks to my ~magical senses~ I choose the right month to go and buy tons of thing because they are having my MOST LOVED design of them all: EYES.
You know, I really like eyes. One eye, or multiple eyes are SO cool.
I kinda think I have a problem with eyes tho.

I’m rambling.
But they decidet to release a lot of things with eyes on!!
I brought a lot, like most of it. In my defense, I needed them.
It’s ok right? RIGHT?


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Hello readers!
img_1822486 (1)

It’s Eireenene here, as founder of DDZ I thought of leaving a little message here.
I wanted to thank you all for this year together, each and every one of you has helped us grow and accomplish some goals we would have never imagined.

We started in January with our first 100 visits, and by August there were more than 2000 people that had visited the blog for a counter of 5k clicks! We were, and still are, blown away for all the love you give us!

Our posts changed a bit, and our graphic, and so we did, growing with you because we are trying to getting better at this, and your support as well as your advice is more than important to us! Always feel free to contact us, commenting on our posts or writing to us via Facebook or Instagram we’re happy to hear your opinion!


We wish you all the best and hope these Winter Holiday as well as 2017 will be full of happiness and joy!

We hope to see you next year,
Merry Christmas from the DayDreamZone Team!

[REVIEW] ScleraXL – Black Sclera Contacts

Hello my darlings! How are you doing? I’ve been feeling really well lately, enjoying the little things of my life and trying to stay positive no matter what!


The review I’ll be doing today is for ScleraXL.com!

I’ll review their best seller item: Black Sclera Contacts!

I’ve looked at this kind of lenses for years! I already own a pair of lenses that I’ve used for my Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, so I know the pros and cons about wearing one, and I hope this review will help everyone too!

The description on ScleraXL says:
Black sclera contacts are our most popular sclera lenses and for good reason. They are by far the spookiest lenses you can get. No other lenses come even close to the looks you can create with these all black contacts.
These contacts will make your eyes look solid black by covering the white of your eyes.


stock photo

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